10 Top New Dental Technologies

Dentistry is a field that is continuously changing and evolving to best suit the needs of patients.

The industry is constantly looking for emerging and new technology that will help to make the experience of patients more comfortable.

The following are a few of the various new technologies that provide patients with exceptional service.


VELscope – This is a special kind of light that is shined into a patient’s mouth so that the dentist can detect any potential abnormalities. The new technology is used as part of an oral cancer screening to effectively detect disease or early forms of cancer.

Digital X-Rays – This new form of x-ray contains less radiation and is faster than traditional X-rays. Whenever a digital X-ray is done on a patient, the image will appear within seconds on a computer. Your dentist will then be able to zoom into this image in order to better assess and educate a patient on their oral health. Also, digital X-rays are not as harmful for patients since compared to traditional types of -rays they contain up to 90% less radiation.

Invisalign – These are clear and nearly invisible braces that straighten your teeth gently. They provide a comfortable and effective way to correct your smile without having to wear heavy, uncomfortable metal braces. It is easy to take out Invisalign braces to clean them and there is no restriction on the kinds of foods that you eat. They are able to do the job with less hassle and in a shorter amount of time.

Laser Dentistry – Dentists use lasers to eliminate discomfort and improve efficiency in many different dental procedures, including whitening, eliminating tumors, reducing tooth sensitivity, and filling cavities. Laser dentistry is painless, fast and can eliminate any type of bacteria effectively during the dental procedure in order to avoid any further problems or complications.

Dental Implants – These are screws that replace a missing tooth’s root portion. The use of implants helps to restore a patient’s healthy smile when they have missing teeth. The reason why implants are so effective is due to the fact they are able to replace missing teeth and provide the patient with the look and feel of natural teeth at the same time.


HealOzone – This is a painless, easy, and fast way to get rid of tooth decay. The reason why HealOzone is so effective is due to the fact that it contains ozone. This common natural gas kills fungus and bacteria effectively. HealOzone is an excellent tool for detecting and getting rid of early symptoms of tooth decay before it is able to progress into a more advanced stage and cause serious problems.

DIAGNOdent – This state-of-the-art new device is used by dentists to detect cavities that are hidden in places that cannot be found by regular x-rays. It helps to ensure that your mouth is checked thoroughly for early symptoms so that you can avoid having to spend more money in the future if you have cavities that expand and progress.

Intraoral Camera – This tool is used by dentists to obtain a well-defined and picture of difficult see places inside of a patient’s mouth. Also, the camera enables the dentist to show the images to the patient while they are assessing and educating the needs of the patient. This new type of technology enables the dentist to perform a very thorough checkup of the patient’s mouth and better assess the oral care needs of the person.

Zoom! Whitening – This is a state-of-the-art, new whitening provide that provide patients with easy and quick results. Zoom! Whitening is able to make a significant in an individual’s smile and cause their teeth to be up to eight shades white in only one appointment.

IV (Intravenous) Sedation and Nitrous Oxide – Nitrous oxide, which is also referred to as laughing gas, is able to calm down a patient to the point where they are able to relax but interact with the dentist still. IV sedation, on the other hand, puts a patient completely to sleep so that they are not aware of what occurred during the dental session. Usually, this is recommended for a patient who is afraid of visiting the dentist or for very painful procedures like wisdom teeth extraction.



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